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Monday, August 19, 2013

Battenkill State Forest

Had another free day so decided to explore an area I wasn't all that familiar with.  Washington County is a beautiful area with picturesque backroads and open fields as far as the eye can see but I wanted to find some hiking in the area.  What I found was Battenkill State Forest, located just east of Cambridge, NY in the town of Jackson.  It has a nice trail up to some nice views over the farm country of Washington County so it sounded like a good place.  The trail starts off mostly level through fields before entering the canopy of mixed hardwood forest.

 Near the trail register, I found this silly face on a tree.

It made me smile and I continued on my way.  Soon after entering the woods the trail began to climb quickly, until I was completely exhausted.  The ascent was nearly straight up for quite a while and left we breathing heavily.  Just when I thought it would continue going up it leveled off a bit and came to a saddle between two ridges.  This was welcome news and I picked up the pace a bit.  The trail had several other ups and downs and totaled 5.22 RT miles.  A bit fatigued, I finally reached the Folded Rock summit and its views.  The views west over the farm country were handsome and well worth the effort.

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