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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve

Headed out for a short walk up in Clifton Park today at the Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve.  A 250 acre, fairly new Preserve with two separate entrances off of Pierce Rd and Kinns Rd, it follows closely along the banks of the Dwaas Kill.

The Dwaas Kill is a small stream that runs very shallow this time of year and was overgrown in most areas. It would be interesting to see what it would look like here after heavy rains or during the spring meltoff season.

 It did widen a bit towards the Kinns Rd side of the preserve and look a little less grown in.  The water was nearly completely calm today.
The one major problem I ran into was that the trails were barely negotiable and nothing more than a footpath through high weeds in most spots. I had to closely follow the taped off markings on the trees to know where I was going in the more grown in areas.

This lead to a lot of cuts and scratches on my legs but it wasn't terrible.  Even with the overgrown conditions, the constant sound of the stream on one side and traffic from the road on the other would prevent one from becoming truly lost though.  If the weeds and brush don't get you a little damp then the broken or barely there footbridges may give you wet feet.  Came across this little bridge crossing a nearly bone dry brook.

Again, this area could be tricky during high water or wet times through the year.  It was nice to get out and explore a new area, but I may wait until the growing season is done to return here.  There were a couple of nice benches near the Dwaas Kill but unfortunately the trees and bushes have grown so much, all views of the water from them are diminished.  As I started heading back to the parking lot, the clouds began to break and the humidity started to increase, so I was happy to get back into the air conditioned car and head home.

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