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Friday, August 9, 2013

Kayaking Nassau Lake

In early June, my girlfriend and I went out and each purchased nine and a half foot kayaks for ourselves in hopes of doing mostly flat water exploring. We have a nice place on  the west side of Nassau Lake to store them and put in right from my mom's yard.
 The lake suffers from a poor reputation due to high PCB levels that had been slowly tainting the water dating back to the 1950's.  The Dewey Landfill dump closed in 1970 by court order but not before thousands of pounds of solvents and chemicals had been dumped into the landfill. Nearly all of these damages were sustained from General Electric and SI group, the former Schenectady International, based out of Niskayuna. These companies are now running a chemical treatment to help remove PCB's from the contaminated water.  The link below from the Times Union contains a fantastic article regarding this issue.

My beautiful girlfriend Heather!
Not only is kayaking fun, but it can be a good workout.
Lazy summer days on the lake.
Aquatic plant life in the lake.
 View back near launch area into the lake
The lake is a 172 acre man made impoudment of the Valatie Kill stream. It is almost entirely  residential but has a food stand on the west side of the lake named the Pirate's Cove that is open during the summer months and a softball field on the east side of the lake almost directly across from the launch area.  Several private docks, a dam, and beautiful points make this a beautiful, fun adventure to kayak.
Working my way around the outskirts of the lake near County Route 7.

Nearing the point by our property(near the former Capron's/ Almost Home Tavern)
Night kayaking can bring it's own pleasures.  All other recreational use on the lake almost completely ceases and you can slow down and watch your neighbor's enjoy an evening fire near the shore.
The lake can look very different depending on the season.  Here is a look in mid May.
 Here is the lake in the heat of summer.

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