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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tannery Falls/ Greylock Summit(Berkshires)

Another beautiful September day found my girlfriend Heather, my cousin Kaylah and I hiking in the Berkshires.  We went up into the hilltowns to Savoy Mountain State Forest and Tannery Falls first.  Tannery Falls is one of many waterfalls in a very small radius coming from Parker Brook and Ross Brook in the State Forest.  The main falls is an attractive 80 foot series of tall plunges and horsetails into a pool below.
The brook continues on down past this pool and is very pretty running through the deep forest.
Nearby is another waterfall named Parker Brook Falls.  These are a little harder to find but also very pretty cascades.  If the water level is down, like today was, you can walk across rocks and downed trees to get a closer look.  Heather stopped for this photo near the base of Parker Brook Falls.
Once leaving the dark forest and getting back to Tannery Road we found this stunning view of the early fall foliage by Tannery Pond.
Several miles away on Black Brook Road in Savoy we also found this beautiful early fall display along the roadside.
We decided to head up to Mount Greylock next.  It is the highest point in the entire state of Massachusetts and there is an access road that leads to the summit from the south and north side of the mountain range.  We came up via the North Adams access, named Notch Road.  It is a very winding, hilly drive up the mountain but well worth the trip up.  Near the summit there is a pulloff called the Adams Overlook, offering gorgeous views to the east.

There is a 92 foot granite tower at the summit named the War Memorial Tower and one can climb to the very top of that tower for phenomenal views in all directions.
 Unfortunately today the tower was closed. Although you could not climb the tower, you can enter the building and look around inside.  There is some pretty neat architecture inside on the ceiling.
It really was no bother to us that we couldn't climb the tower though because the views from the ground were simply outstanding.  We walked to the open fields facing east and soaked in the majestic vista.

We found this interesting looking and HUGE spider crawling along the granite outside the memorial tower.
After that scare, we started to head back home.  Once we got back to New York, we saw this fantastic Harvest Moon setting over Nassau Lake.
Overall, a nearly perfect day!!!

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