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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dickinson Fire Tower(Grafton)

Went for an evening walk with my girlfriend at Grafton Lakes State Park this evening to the Dickinson Fire Tower.  Even though the calendar says summer for a couple of more days, autumn is definitely moving in quickly.  It was a cool, but comfortable evening for a walk.  We arrived at the trailhead at about 5:30pm and passed three young people just finishing up the hike.  We were anxious to get going and with a relatively flat walk ahead of us, set out on a brisk pace.
 A couple of sections were a little steeper, but nothing overly difficult.
Found some crab apples along the way.
Got some pictures of Heather along the way.  She was fascinated with the big logging tractor we came across, and how the tires were bigger than her.

As we neared the fire tower there was more and more evidence of water and mud on the trails.  There was even a section of road that was badly washed out, leaving nearly two foot deep trenches.
After a little less than a mile we arrived at a clearing with the fire tower in front of us.  There were limited views at the bottom but 360 degree views at the top.

Heather all smiles on top of the world.

 Sun setting quickly as we returned back down the trail on our way home.

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