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Monday, September 30, 2013

East Greenbush Town Park

The beat goes on.....another glorious fall day to get out and see the vibrant colors.  We are in the midst of an unprecedented string of nice days, so I've been attempting to take full advantage of it, even if work gets in the way sometimes.  Today, I wanted to stay local so I headed to the East Greenbush Town Park.
There are playing fields, a playground, pavillion and walking trails at the park.  Most of the park is wooded with a number of trails to wander.
The north branch of the Moordener Kill drifts through the woods and is dammed near the beach area, creating a large pond.  The still water and fall colors made for a beautiful composition.

Here is a view of the dam, with a small waterfall.
Once I stepped  into the woods, it was like stepping into a dream.  The golden forest was a treat for the senses.
 This is the North Branch of the Moordener Kill as it runs through the park. The stream is very shallow and slow moving this time of year so it is very easy to walk along the edge all the way.
 A solitary leaf dancing on the water.
 Leaves are multiplying in the stream every day.
 The leaves are also multiplying on the forest floor.
 Early autumn sun high in the sky.
On my way back to the car, I had to stop one last time and soak in the scene at the pond.

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