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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Schemerhorn Park(Castleton on Hudson)

Went to a little known park in the town of Schodack, just outside of Castleton on Hudson.  It is actually owned by the village, who keep the trail somewhat maintained.  The trail is actually an old road in a ravine carved out by the Vlockie Kill stream.  The entrance to the park can be somewhat tricky because there are private residences and a gate up at the end of the dead end Brickyard Road.  Being careful not to block the gate, you should pull your car off to the side of the road to park.  Then enter just to the left of the gate and follow the road.
You will soon find that the trail hugs the stream on the right and a large meadow to the left.  The Vlockie Kill is a quiet stream that flows through the woods here on its way down to the Hudson River about a mile down the road.
 The leaves are starting to litter the trail, making for a fun walk.
 After about a mile along the trail, the Vlockie Kill has a series of small falls.  You must leave the trail and walk down to the banks of the stream to see them, though. There is a well defined path and clearing making it hard to miss.

 After finishing up my hike, and back in town, I stopped by Nassau Lake to see it wearing its autumn colors.
 Some friends dropped by too.

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