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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hackensack Mountain/ Pack Demonstration Forest(Adirondacks)

An absolutely beautiful Wednesday was in the works today, so I used some sick time from work and went up north, looking for some hiking opportunities.  Found my way to Warrensburg in the southeastern Adirondacks, a small town just a few miles north of Lake George.  Driving up Main Street, one can't help but notice the large mountain looming over the village to the east named Hackensack Mountain. There are a couple of trails that loop up to the summit overlook area and the American Flag that flies proudly overhead.  Of the two trailheads, there is much more parking at the Prospect access area.  Today, I chose the Hackensack Road access where there is room for maybe 2 or 3 cars.
The trail is a little less than 2 miles RT but is very steep in some places, making this a short but challenging climb.

The views from the summit are nothing short of fantastic.  You almost forget that this mountain is only 1348 feet in elevation because of the vista before you.  You are almost totally on top of the entire village below.  It is a very beautiful look at the community.
Just beyond the streets of the village, are the majestic mountains of the Adirondacks, painting a gorgeous portrait.

After lingering at the summit for a while, I descended the mountain and headed just north of the village to the Pack Demonstration Forest, a 2500 acre New York State preservation forest.  There is a sizable, quiet lake at a right fork in the road and a one mile nature trail from the main parking lot if you stay to the left.
 The nature trail gently winds along the banks of a small stream and on boardwalks through damper areas.
 Most of the entire trail is well manicured through deep forest, with interpretive signs along the way.
Near the end of the nature trail is the "Grandmother Tree".  It is a 175 foot Eastern White Pine that is at least 315 years old, and listed on the state's historic tree register.

 Pack Demonstration Lake.


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