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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Adirondack trip with Dad

Northbound with my dad today as he prepared for the upcoming trapping season.  Went down Northwoods Club Road in Minerva to Huntley Pond.  Walked along the shores of this beautiful Adirondack pond all the way to the property line where the Northwoods Club has several posted signs.  There are several camping spots with fire pits, picnic tables and even a portable toilet.

 A little later, we drove up the Blue Ridge Highway to the town of North Hudson and walked along the Boreas River to the remains of Brace Dam.  The walk is a little shy of two miles to the dam along an old woods road.
 An old abandoned truck which has been stuck in this very spot for many decades.
A still water section of the Boreas River near flat rock.
 The water runs strong at the old dam site.
 We bushwacked a little further along the river until Brant Brook runs in from the northwest.  We looked for a place that we could cross, but there no spots so we turned back and walked two miles back to the highway.  A few scratches along the way but it was a fun day.

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