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Friday, November 1, 2013

Dyken Pond

After a steady rain all night and into this morning, the skies began clearing this afternoon so I ventured out to the Rensselaer Plateau to visit Dyken Pond.  With temps in the upper 60's and close to 70 it felt more like October 1st instead of November 1st, but I was glad to get out and walk in the woods. Dyken Pond is a Rensselaer County property and is actually an Environmental Education Center with an Adirondack feel to its high elevation(1600-1800 feet) woods.
 The center is at the end of a dirt road that seemingly goes to nowhere for 2 and a half miles.
 The trails are littered with leaves.  A lot of beech on the Abbot Farm Trail.
The centerpiece of the property is Dyken Pond.  It is a large "lake" with residential areas along the opposite shorelines. The Water trail runs along the western shore of the pond and provides great views across the water.

 There is a canoe/ kayak launch area, but no motor boats are allowed on the water.  Here is a dock near one of the cabins on the shores.
 I'm not sure exactly how the cabins are used during the summer time but looks like they're used for storage this time of year.

Steps up the hillside.
 The sun and clouds were taking turns over the water.
 The cloudier shoreline.
 After last night's steady rains, there was plenty of running water down the hills towards Dyken Pond.
 Hemlock forest.
 There is even a small theater with wooden benches in the woods for workshops and environmental study presentations.
 There are several wetlands in the nearly 600 acre property, including Dustin Swamp.
 Such a beautiful, warm November evening watching the sun set through the woods from the access road.

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