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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crellin Park

After yesterday's snowfall of nearly a foot, it was good to see the sun shining bright today.  After work, I took the back way home and stopped off in Chatham at Crellin Park off of Route 66.  A community park with an in season beach, a playground, basketball courts, skateboarding park, ballfields and walking trails, it has much to offer.  Today it was very quiet, due partly to the fact that it was a Monday but mostly due to the mid teens temperature reading and fresh snow pack.
Felt good to get out and breathe in the fresh winter air.  Opted to keep the snowshoes in the car and walk in my boots today.
There were a couple of other tracks in the snow, one being a man walking his dog leaving as I arrived.  Other than that I had the place to myself.
The fitness trail crosses the fields and heads down into the woods and then closely follows the Stony Kill for a while.  The Stony Kill is a creek that runs through a large part of rural Chatham before meeting up with the Kinderhook Creek.  Many sections of the creek have frozen over already.
Ice detail on the Stony Kill.

 The trail entering a small pine section.
 Further upstream where the water flows a little more swiftly, the ice hasn't taken as firm control.
 Cold water!
 Snow, ice and flowing waters make for a beautiful winter scene.
Further along the trail, I spotted some ducks on the ice near the water.  There were several of them all gathered together.  After a minute or so, they all flew off at once.

I then headed back out of the woods and to the main area of the park.  There is a pond near the entrance to the park where the beach is located.  I trudged through the snow and over to the vacant, snowy beach.  The pond is frozen over but still very beautiful.
Long afternoon shadows.
 Beach closed.  No lifeguard on duty.
As the sun started to slowly set, the temperature continued to drop as well, and I headed

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