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Friday, December 6, 2013

Nassau's Unknown Creek

Eisenman Creek and its tributaries run several miles through the woods of rural Nassau, starting near Curtis Mountain and eventually emptying into Kinderhook Creek. I have driven past this stream many, many times over the years and didn't even know there was a name attached to the water.  After looking at some maps to see what kind of information I could dig up on it, I found very little help.  One mention of the Valatie Kill or Kinderhook Creek and everyone knows what you're talking about, but not even locals seem to know anything about this stream.  If I mention Eisenman Creek, I receive puzzled looks in return.
 Here the creek can be seen running under Route 20 near Bliss Schoolhouse Road, looking north.  
 Here from the other side of Route 20, the creek can be seen flowing southerly where in less than a quarter mile it will meet up with the Kinderhook.
 Further upstream the creek flows under Bliss Schoolhouse Rd here(looking west).
 And looking back downstream at the creek meandering through the woods at the same spot on Bliss Schoolhouse Rd.
 The creek takes on a decidedly different look at this area by old route 20.
 And a little further upstream where the creek crosses Coldwater Tavern Rd, it becomes a very large pond and eventually a broad swamp.
 The creek just downstream of the large pond area, along Coldwater Tavern Rd.
 This is the creek running downstream from Sherwood Acres Rd.
 And at the very same spot on Sherwood Acres Rd looking upstream near the headwaters of the creek.
 Some of the tributaries of the creek flow through the woods near Jefferson Hill Rd and Jefferson Hill Lane, with Strock Pond by Mashodack Rd being the water's source.  This is a view west from Jefferson Hill Lane.  The stream here, flows down the hill along the road and empties into the large swamp by Nalley's junkyard on Route 20.
The stream flows all year, but never really attains a significant level, with the only exception being immediately following torrential rains.  It is, as mentioned, the unknown(and forgotten) creek in Nassau that we have all seen thousands of times.  Now, at least you know its name.

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