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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Broomstick Lake and Good Luck Lake

Headed northwest today to the southern Adirondacks to do some exploring with my father.  He wanted to scout E. Caroga Lake/ W. Caroga Lake for ice fishing and we figured we'd get out for a little hiking in the woods as well.  After exploring the lakes for a little bit we headed north up Route 10 to Broomstick Lake trail head near the Fulton County/ Hamilton County line.
There is a small pull off at the trail head with room for about 3 cars.
The trail isn't very long, but climbs consistently nearly the entire way.  About 2 inches of fresh powder covered the crusty, compact trail making it very easy to spot animal tracks in the snow.  We spotted several fisher, mink, squirrel and fox tracks along the way.  Notice here that just a couple of steps off the trail the snow is almost knee deep.
There was a thick cloud cover when we arrived at the lake, making it hard to get good photos.  The lake is relatively small at only 12 acres, and looks marshy along the edges with grassy lands on the east side and wooded on the west.
The fresh snow coated the pines making for a beautiful walk.
The trail continues along the edge of the lake for a distance, leaving opportunities to explore the shoreline.
The total hike is about 1.7 miles RT.  Broomstick Lake was also the site for some of the filming of The Last of the Mohicans in 1936.
After hiking back to the car, we headed a bit further north to Arietta and another short walk, this time to Good Luck Lake.  The trail is actually an informal but well maintained path for nearly half a mile.
The snow is very deep in the woods up here, although the broken in trail is easy walking.
Good Luck Lake is a much bigger lake than Broomstick and even showed some signs that there were ice fisherman on the lake recently.
A lone snowshoe hiker had made some tracks in the fresh snow on the lake ahead of us.
The sun began breaking through the clouds, and also began stirring up the cold winds as we walked out onto the frozen lake.
It is a very picturesque spot with fantastic nature surrounding the lake.
Just around the bend you can see Good Luck Mountain climbing steeply beyond the trees.  It is a well known spot with beautiful views from its rocky cliffs.
About 2.5 miles of hiking today in decent weather.  Temperatures climbed into the mid 20's on this first day of March and made for a pleasant Saturday for getting out into the woods.

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