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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rising Waters(Schodack Town Park)

Took a soggy walk in the Schodack Town Park during my lunch break from work today.  Very heavy rains in addition to snow and ice melt left all local creeks and streams running high.  The Moordener Kill runs through the middle of the park and was running high as well, but still within its banks.
The trail was under water and quickly becoming one with the creek.
Fast current.
The water was flowing very powerfully.
A steady light rain fell the entire walk, leaving pine needles dripping.
On the left is the main creek, and the right is usually just a small flowing stream, but today it appeared to be two large creeks.
There was quite a bit of ice on most of the trails.
Water was pooling in any low areas.  This is a deep spot in the woods.

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