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Friday, April 18, 2014

Saratoga National Historic Park

Went to the Saratoga National Historical Park, the site of the most decisive victory of the Revolutionary War, with my sister, nephew and niece.  The kids have the week off of school, so we decided to do a little field trip of our own.  
 The visitor center has a museum and bookstore, as well as knowledgeable workers who can provide incredible insight to any questions you may have regarding this vital period of American History.
 We chose to hike the Wilkinson Trail, a 4.2 mile historic walk through open fields, woods and hills in the northern section of the Saratoga Battlefield.  From the start of the trail, there are amazing views to the east of the valley below and the Taconics and Green Mountains in the distance.
 Pictured R-L  My nephew Holden/ my niece Taylor/ my sister Nicole.
 These very fields were the site of a turning point in world history.
 There are many clear trail markings along the way, making it nearly impossible to get lost.  There are several other trails that cross the battlefield as well.
 Walking along the same fields that thousands of American and British soldiers fought and died on way back in 1777.
 A view of what it may have looked like behind the lines.
 Unfortunately, many sections of the trail were very, very wet making it nearly impossible to keep your feet dry.  Here, Holden is determined to stay dry by going way off into a field trying to find dry footing.
 A monument honoring the many fallen soldiers, who died on these very fields during battle.
 A clearing near the site of Freeman Farm, the most powerful British fort built on this land.
 There was even some snow in a sheltered wooded area.  A reminder that winter isn't completely in the rear view mirror just yet.
We had an enjoyable hike, other than getting soggy feet.  The clouds increased as the day went on but it was a comfortable, cool day for a walk.  There is a 9 mile self guided driving tour of the battlefield as well, with ten interpretive markers to help you enjoy your journey.  I plan on making a return trip here, when I can fully explore the park on my own.

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