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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Second Bridge(Kinderhook Creek)

A popular locally known swimming hole and fishing spot on the Kinderhook Creek is located at 2nd bridge off of Route 20 in East Nassau.  During the spring, fisherman come each day to try their hand at catching brook trout, and by summer the large informal parking lot is full for swimming.
 The waters are still ice cold and flowing strong.
 A view under Second Bridge.  Every time a car goes over it, you can hear a loud echo bounce off the walls below.
 This is the "beach" area where the water slows down and pools.  This is where the swimming hole is located.  The large, massive rocks on the far shoreline are a well known reference point here.
 Local artists have contributed some graffiti to the bridges footings.
 Stones from an old bridge from the original Route 20 still remain near the creek.  This area has also seen its share of graffiti.
 The current begins to pick up as it heads downstream towards a bend.
 From the top of the old bridge ruins is a clear view down to the beach spot and to Second Bridge.
 It may not seem like much, but after nearly six months of dreariness, seeing any signs of spring is cause for celebration.  A coating of green dots the brown woods, where new plants begin to grow.
 Fast flowing current.
 A cool, cloudy evening in the mid 40's made for a nice short walk.  The creek's waters are even colder yet, but it still makes for a nice scene.

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