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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Super Sunday

While it may not have been THE super Sunday, it was a super Sunday for me with bright sunny skies and temperatures warming into the 50's.  Spring has finally arrived!  With the ice out off the lake, the ducks have returned.

 Once I got out of work, I put my windows down and headed over to the Schodack Island State Park.  The park is located along the east banks of the Hudson River and offers plenty of hiking and picnic opportunities as well as many other amenities. The Hudson is finally completely clear of ice and I walked down along the shoreline with views north towards the Thruway Bridge.
The nice weather had drawn out plenty of others to the park.  This family was soaking up the sun and getting a fishing pole ready
 A barge was making its way up the river.
 The Thruway Bridge and railroad tracks above the park.
A side trail through the woods leads down to the Schodack Creek and a kayaking launch site.
I did a couple of loops through the woods on level trails for a total of about 2 miles.
Also had a birthday party to attend for my wonderful grandmother.  Most of my family was there to celebrate the occasion and the gorgeous early spring weather drew some of us outside.
My grandfather's shed, standing proudly through the generations.
Wonderful day to sit down and enjoy the spring weather.
Late afternoon shadows creeping across the driveway.  Lingered outside talking to my dad for a spell.
Back home at Nassau Lake, I soaked up some of my surroundings. Early buds on a tree.
There were songbirds fluttering through the trees and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

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