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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rounds Rock and Mount Greylock Summit

An almost perfect Thursday morning with sunny skies, low humidity and temperatures in the upper 60's made it optimal to be outside doing almost anything. A relaxing spot on Nassau Lake.
Nearly perfect!
Met up with my friends Shawn and Kalli to hike at the Mount Greylock Reservation in  Massachusetts.  Our first stop was Rounds Rock, a small trail of only .7 miles, but with amazing views and the site of a small plane crash.  Views to the south and west from Rounds Rock.  Pontoosuc and Onota Lake can be seen amongst the vast green.
A view to the south and east over Greylock's immense woods.
Another view to Pittsfield's lakes and beyond.
West views from the first view point.
Shawn surveying the land.
Shawn soaking in the sun.
Looking directly south.
Gorgeous west views from the second view point.
Amazing views on a beautiful spring day.
Brodie Mountain's abandoned ski slopes can easily be seen to the west.
A small plane crash occurred here in the late 1940's.  There are still remnants of the plane that can be found along the trail today.
We continued on Rockwell Road, a paved road which can be seasonally driven to the summit of the mountain.  A small pull off provides amazing views to the east over the town of Adams and far beyond.
Southeast views towards Cheshire and much of Berkshire County.
Greylock's War Memorial Tower.
A beautiful day found many people enjoying the summit.
We were lucky enough to witness a pair of hang gliders taking off near Greylock's summit.
You can see forever from up here.
This hang glider was circling above.
Counting down.
Just prior to take off.  Must be an amazing adrenaline rush.
The launch area provides an amazing vantage point to view much of Western Massachusetts.
Just past Ragged Mountain's summit is the quarry located in Adams.  The Hoosac Range can be seen further east with clouds casting shadows.
Ragged Mountain just below the summit to the east.
The town of Adams sprawling below.  From the 3491 foot summit of Greylock, the town appears very small.

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