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Friday, May 30, 2014

Secret Caverns

Schoharie County is a special place which has numerous underground caves, with most people knowing about the famous Howe Caverns.  Secret Caverns, less than a couple minutes away from Howe Caverns, is a just what it claims to be-"Secret".  It is not widely known and perhaps that is part of its charm.  My girlfriend Heather and I decided to pay it a visit for a small day trip.  A small, pretty pond can be found behind the main building.
Interesting cloud formations reflect on the pond.
The caves are well illuminated and very interesting.  We got lucky and actually got a private tour so we went at our own pace.
The tour guide provided amazing insight into the history of the caves and its stones.
The sounds of rushing water can be heard while walking through the crazy lights near the end of the tour.
Secret Caverns main centerpiece is the 100 foot waterfall at the end of the cavern.  It is a truly special spot.

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