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Friday, May 9, 2014

Stuyvesant Falls

With an hour of free time stopped down at Stuyvesant Falls, a local natural landmark in Columbia County.  A small family park provides access to the falls with a picnic area and creek access.
A one lane 1899 historic iron truss bridge crosses over the Kinderhook Creek just before the park road.
A small picnic area.
There are two falls located in this location with the upper falls being the easiest to see and access.  It is broad and about 22 feet in height.
Over the last couple of centuries, many mills have come and gone at the falls, with the very first being a paper mill built in 1802 by Pitkin & Edmunds.
Downstream from the falls.
A small cascade on the upper falls.
A walkway allows pedestrian traffic to cross the bridge to a viewing area of the falls on the opposite shoreline of the creek.  Here is a view looking upstream from high up on the bridge.
The falls have been known by many names over the years.
From the viewing area along county route 25a.
The existing building located at Stuyvesant Falls.
The iron truss 1899 bridge.

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