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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dog Days

I haven't even wanted to venture out the last few days due to the skyrocketing humidity levels and stormy weather that often times accompanies it.  I did, however, stop by a local swimming hole and popular fishing spot on the Kinderhook Creek near the Rensselaer and Columbia County lines.  A small pull off on Route 66 allows room for a few cars to park along the road.  A small access path leads to a couple of different spots on the creek.
There is actually a fire pit and large clearing in one spot to set up an informal picnic spot.  Just steps away is the often under appreciated Kinderhook Creek's flowing water. 
 This is a classic trout stream, especially in the springtime.
 Nothing quite says mid summer like a quiet swimming hole on a humid evening.
 On the way home I encountered a large thunderstorm approaching quickly from the west.  Heavy rains and frequent thunder and lightning followed shorty there after.
Hot-humid-hazy conditions will persist for the next couple of months so I guess we should get used to it.

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