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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Boating on Lake Placid(High Peaks)

 Went to Lake Placid to celebrate my lifelong best friend Mark's bachelor party this weekend with the guys.  We rented a pontoon boat on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a perfect autumn afternoon on Lake Placid's gorgeous waters.
 There are many beautiful homes and boat houses along these shores, many with a worth of well over a million dollars.
 Blue waters, blue skies and fall foliage.
 The hillsides were ablaze in peak color.
 We simply couldn't have asked for better weather.
 The foliage was literally eye popping.
 We were all very relaxed as we soaked in our surroundings.
Looking west through one of the straits.
A point on Moose Island.
Incredible foliage.
 Whiteface Mountain looms high above the north shore.
Enjoying the nearly 80 degree day.
Summit of Whiteface.
Beautiful colors.
Making waves.
A boater passes by quietly.

Looking south at the nearby peaks.
Rolling peaks and beautiful lake houses frame Lake Placid.
A luxurious waterfront home.
Gorgeous homes and boat houses.
Placid waters.
Soaking in the view.

Everywhere you look, there are gorgeous sites.
Working on our tans.

A closer look at the foliage.

Mountains and hills dot the landscape around here.
Other boaters enjoying the southern portion of the Lake.
Even the ride home was gorgeous as the road winds through the high peaks. 

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