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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kinderhook Creek(East Nassau Falls)

It's been very rainy all week so outdoor activities have been at a minimum, but the rain was much needed so we'll take it.  After getting home at about 4:30pm from a work trip to Maine, I decided to drive over to Kinderhook Creek fishing access site in the hamlet of East Nassau to view the falls there.  I knew the falls would be flowing nice and strong, following our recent downpours.
 A short walk downhill from the large parking area brings you to the creek.
Good footing is essential because there are a lot of fallen leaves and wet rocks along the shore but there is a nice view of the small but powerful falls.
 Cascading water.
 I climbed down through the woods a little for a better view across the entire creek.  The creek splits at a house sized rock and powerfully crashes several feet down on each side.
After lingering along the shoreline, hopping along the rocks, I finally headed out and took a short drive down to Columbia County line, where the Kinderhook Creek runs along Route 66 and several, small, informal pull offs provide access.  I took a walk through the wet woods down to the fast flowing waters.
Came across this small, swampy stream crossing the trail from all the heavy rains.
 Climbing back up to the road and just downstream provides another view of the bend in the creek.  Notice the sliver of sunshine lighting the tops of the trees.  The first ray of sun we've seen in days.

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