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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crellin Community Park(Chatham, NY)

Finally had a small chance to get out and get a small walk in today after work at Crellin Community Park in Chatham.  The park is located off Route 66 just north of the village, and situated along the banks of the Stony Kill Creek.  There are a couple of different parking areas, as well as many different recreational opportunities here.  I parked near the basketball courts and bundled up for a cold walk.  The short November days mean you are always facing the setting sun. 
 Late afternoon sun as well as many geese hanging out at Crellin Pond.  Many were heard and seen flying overhead a few minutes later, presumably to the south.
 I circled through a couple of fields down to the community garden, where a trail begins through the woods and along the cold waters of the Stony Kill.
 The Stony Kill is a wide stream that runs from rural Canaan through most of Chatham before eventually emptying into the Kinderhook Creek.
If you have more energy to burn while walking, there are several monkey bars and other equipment to get your kicks on.  
 There is one easy to follow but unmarked main trail, as well as many informal foot paths that lead to and near the creek.
 Looking downstream at the fast flowing, cold water.
 The November sun setting in the afternoon sky on a very windy, cold autumn day.
 I walked all the way to the edge of the park property where extremely steep cliffs make it nearly impossible to press on any further.  Walked back through the quiet woods and through more fields on my way back to the car.  As I neared the pond again, evening was beginning to descend on the park and the relentless north winds held strong.
Even though it was a short, cold walk, I was very pleased just to get out and get a walk in at all.  Only walked about 1 mile RT, but happy nonetheless.

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