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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poesten Kill Gorge(Troy)

One of Rensselaer County's fantastic natural features can be found right in the heart of the city of Troy, along the banks of the Poestenkill.  A parking lot surrounded by rock barriers just off of quiet Linden Ave, provides access to the area.  Mount Ida Falls can be easily seen before you even step foot out of the car, and your ears will immediately hear the powerful sounds of the rushing waters downstream.  
You have the option of taking a steep walk down through an open field towards the base of the falls, or a very steep path that leads down through a small patch of woods to a fenced path high above the creek.  This path follows the gorge upstream towards the falls as well.

The banks above the creek are extremely steep and dangerous, so it is recommended that anyone walking here stay within the confines of the fenced area.  Unfortunately, due to the urban setting, there are numerous examples of vandalism and grafitti and all visitors should be careful, especially if traveling alone.
 A look at the amazing falls.
 A better look at the mighty waterfall.
 The incredibly powerful, thundering Poestenkill.

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