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Friday, June 12, 2015

Burlington, Vermont

As part of our vacation from work this week, Kalli and I planned a small getaway to beautiful Burlington, Vermont.  We headed north Thursday afternoon, arriving in time to explore Church Street and the boardwalk along the waterfront.
 Nearby lighthouse with the hazy peaks of the Adirondacks in the distance.
 Bright late afternoon sun over Lake Champlain.

We grabbed a bite to eat outside on Church Street before heading over to Red Rocks Park in nearby South Burlington.  Red Rocks Park is a 100 acre park with several miles of trails for jogging and hiking.
 The park was purchased in 1970, having formerly being owned by the Hatch family in the late nineteenth century.  The trails we enjoy today were roads used by the family well over a century ago.
 Trails are not well marked but are clear and wide.  It does help to consult a trail map and/ or kiosk because there are a maze of trails throughout the woods, some official some unofficial.  We found this small clearing to the south over Shelburne Bay.
 A view west towards Shelburne Point with the sun beginning to set.

We followed the trails generally westward towards the lake.  We eventually found ourselves at a rocky perch with great views of the sunset.
 The rocky shoreline.
 Kalli soaking in the breeze off the water, enjoying the sunset.
 Incredible sunset.

A sailboat on the open water in the fleeting sun light.

We sat on the rocks for quite a while, enjoying the solitude, before darkness chased us back to the car for the night.

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