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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mount Prospect(Berkshires)

Did a very short walk from Notch Road to a lookout on Mount Prospect in the Greylock Range this afternoon, under gorgeous, sunny skies.  Unfortunately, didn't have much time available today so had to keep it short and sweet.  Parked at the Wilbur's Clearing parking lot on the north side of the mountain and crossed paved Notch Road to the trail's entrance. 
 A blue marked trail heads west through level woods before meeting the white blazed Appalachian Trail.  From there the trail ascends steadily for half a mile to a small clearing, and great views to the west.
 The Taconics and Williamstown.
 Northwest views.
Retraced our steps back to the car for a total of 1.2 miles RT. 

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