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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beecher Creek Falls/ Rockwell Falls(Saratoga County)

Had a day off and plans to hike  and/ or Tenant Creek Falls/ Groff Creek Falls in the southern Adirondacks, but when I got into the area I wasn't feeling 100%, so opted to do a couple of much more accessible waterfalls.
    My first stop was Beecher Creek Falls in the town of Edinburg, far up in the northwest corner of Saratoga County.  Parking is along the east side of County Route 4(North Shore Road) at the sign for the Copeland Covered Bridge.  I followed a wooden walkway down to the creek for my first view upstream of the falls, where Beecher Creek runs through a shaded gorge.
 You have several different viewing angles of the falls, depending on your location.  Here is a view near the top of the 20 foot drop. 
 Forming a natural rock set of stairs, the falls tumble down a series of steps.  This is probably the best view from the bottom.
 The Copeland Covered Bridge is one of only 24 remaining in the state of New York.  A paved walkway leads down to the bridge with a view of the falls.  It is possible to follow the stream up for a better view, but good footing is essential on the slick rocks.
 I drove east a bit further and decided to stop in at a breathtaking picnic area along the north shores of the Great Sacandaga Lake.  This hidden treasure is located in West Day, affording incredible water vistas.
 Continuing on my journey, I stopped in at the town of Hadley's chamber of Commerce and walked their riverside trail, which runs along the east side of the Hudson River for a short distance.  The walk is very quiet and peaceful along this stretch of the Hudson.
 Just a short walk back into the village, you can view Rockwell Falls, just north of where the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers converge  The Hudson River drops about ten feet and then squeezes through this tight gorge, making for a very nice scene.
 The view downstream on the other side of the bridge, where the rivers meet.  Just to the right, beyond the trees, is where the Sacandaga River flows in.  Notice the swimmers on the large rock in the Hudson below.

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