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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Capital District Wildlife Management Area(Stephentown/ Berlin)

Visited the Capital District Wildlife Management Area in rural Rensselaer County near the Stephentown/ Berlin town line with my dad this morning.  There are many old roads and trails that meander throughout these woods and I've done most of them at one time or another.  Today I wanted to walk a couple of new spots.  My first stop was the Mill Pond Trail located in the southwest corner of the CDWMA.  Access is via a rough road, which is drivable by most vehicles, but can be tough on low clearance cars in some spots.
The Mill Pond Trail begins by following a wide, old woods road.
The trail basically forms a large loop around the marshy Mill Pond.  At the southern end of the trail, near the outlet is the location of an old mill and several beaver dams.
Just past the outlet is an old cellar hole, which probably dates back to the late nineteenth century.
Parts of the trail were overgrown with ferns, which flourish in these woods.
We paused for a few moments near the inlet area, as the sun briefly made an appearance.
After completing the 1.7 mile loop, we headed east to another old road known as Dynamite Shack Road.  We spotted this deer just yards off the road.
Our next walk was along the Escarpment Trail, which is marked with a newly built DEC sign.
A cool front was moving through as we walked, ushering in much, much more comfortable air.
The Escarpment Trail wanders through the woods, with any views to the east blocked by foliage.
The trail eventually meets back up with Dynamite Shack Road, which can be followed back to the trailhead. 
We really enjoyed a couple of nice woods walks under ideal conditions high up on the Rensselaer Plateau. 

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