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Monday, July 6, 2015

Moss Glen Falls/ Texas Falls/ Horrid's Great Cliff(Vermont)

Went for a day trip through Central Vermont this afternoon, exploring a few beautiful areas in the Green Mountain National Forest.  My first stop was at Moss Glen Falls along beautiful Route 100, which runs directly through the heart of the Green Mountains.  Parking access is located along the west shoulder of the road in a large pull off.  From there a short path leads directly to the falls.
The falls are absolutely beautiful and drop about 35 feet down.  You can either go to a viewing platform to get a picture or directly down to the waters edge, as seen below.
From the viewing platform.
I was fortunate to be the only person at the very popular falls!  After leaving there I proceeded further south along Route 100 through Granville and Hancock on my way to Texas Falls, located several miles east off of Route 125.  There is ample signage along the way to point you in the right direction.
Directly across from the main parking area is viewing access points of Texas Falls.  A footbridge crosses high above the flume and gorge, offering the best views. 
 Dropping down off the bridge, there are plenty of other interesting views, with wooden railing keeping you away from the steep drops.
 I followed the brook upstream for a bit where there are some nice chances to get close up to the clean mountain water.  I continued on into the woods hiking the 1.2 mile nature trail, which forms a large loop.
 Back at the downstream portion of the falls, another small viewing area provides a real cool view through the rocky gorge.
The view downstream.
 After leaving Texas Falls, I continued south through the quiet Vermont countryside into the town of Rochester.  There was an access area to the White River there, as well as a short trail.  I stopped in and explored a bit of this beautiful spot known as the River Bend.  This is the view north near the river edge.
The beautiful and peaceful White River.                                                                        
 I drove south on Route 100 a few more miles to Route 73(Brandon Gap Road), where my next stop would be Mount Horrid's Great Cliff along the Long Trail.  Trail access is on the south side of the road, just west of the highpoint of the Gap Road.  Just prior to parking though, I stopped at a small pull off that provided a great view of Horrid's Cliff.
Once I parked the car, I carefully crossed the road and headed north on the Long Trail.  A short distance in, I entered the Jospeh  Battell Wilderness.
 After .6 of a mile, a blue marked spur trail continues .1 mile to the top of Mount Horrid's Great Cliff.
 The views are truly outstanding from the rocky perch. Here is a view back east with the road winding through.
 West facing views.
 The drop below is extremely steep.
 I was lucky to have the area to myself and fully explored the rocky cliffs, soaking in the tremendous views.
While not doing any long hikes, I did enjoy exploring some of Central Vermont.  Hiked about 2.7 miles total for the day.

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