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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Wild Winter Weather

A bitterly cold stretch of winter had gripped the entire northeast for about two weeks, literally freezing up everything in its path.  The outside world was locked up in a world of thick ice and snow, until a couple of days ago, when a sudden jolt of unseasonably warm(low 60's) weather changed all that.  The sudden 70 degree surge in temperatures, ice jams releasing, and heavy rains lead to a dangerous flooding situation for many folks.  This included my wife and I who live on the banks of the Kinderhook Creek.  A short walk through our back field, provided me with a glimpse of the raging creek waters, roaring along. 
The creek had risen beyond its banks, but luckily not high enough to cause any real danger.  Very impress nonetheless.
Just as quickly as the temps had jumped up, they came crashing back down this morning, dropping from the mid 50's last night to the teens with ice and snow by the morning.  Nearly all of the snow had melted by last night, but this morning's wintry weather has provided the more usual January landscape that we are used to.  Lingering snow showers near our garden this afternoon.
 Our puppies absolutely love the snow and were more than happy to see it return. 
 Looks like winter is back, with bitter wind chills and overnight temperatures heading back south of zero.

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