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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moccasin Kill Sanctuary

Following a rainy morning and cloudy early afternoon I decided I'd head out for a walk at the Moccasin Kill Sanctuary in Rotterdam, NY.  The Moccasin Kill is a small stream that flows out of the wooded hills of Schenectady County and into the Mohawk River.  There are several ups and downs along the trails as the creek has eroded the land through the years and left some deep ravines.  One of the highlights of this parcel, are the cascades along the creek, but there wasn't enough running water for that today.

There is a different feel about these woods and it feels nice just to linger and enjoy the nature around you.  The very hills that surround the Moccasin Kill once formed the eastern boundary of the Mohawk Indians, and some Indian artifacts have been found here.  The area was at one time all farmland, but has been forested for almost a century now.

There are several steep cliffs along the trails, so one should watch their step and be careful if wandering off the trail at all.

This is certainly a hidden gem of the Capital Region, and it takes a little searching to find it, but it is a well worth visit.


  1. For your own safety, hikers should take precaution against deer ticks. And there has been known to be some poison ivy here and there. Take it from someone who roamed around in these parts long before any trails were marked.

    1. I agree 100%! I always check for ticks after venturing into the woods. You can never be too safe