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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway Trail

Having already hiked Vly Mountain and Mount Usayantha earlier in the day, I decided to do one last hike, this time in an area I'm not all too familiar with.  The Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway Trail is easily found by taking I-88 to exit 13 in the town of Oneonta and then turning southeast onto 991D, before quickly turning right onto Silas Lane.  The sign below is found at the road's entrance, and Greenway parking signs guide you to the designated parking area(s).
Once out of the car, I realized the temperature had jumped up into the upper 30's under mostly sunny skies, making for ideal walking conditions....or so I thought.  Almost immediately upon entering the trail, I found this muddy and wet boardwalk.
The trail can be walked in either direction, but I chose to go left(counter clockwise).  Unfortunately, the initial section of trail closely follows the interstate, meaning the sounds of rushing traffic are no more than 40 yards away.
The long, flat and straight trail along the interstate.
After passing the backs of several buildings and parking lots, the trail finally bends away from the interstate and enters a more natural state.  A bench provides a nice resting spot.
Looking east towards the lower slopes of Franklin Mountain under mostly blue skies.
The trail is wide and easy to follow through mostly open fields.
The trail soon turns south and skirts a large cornfield for a short distance.
At the edge of the cornfield, the trail again turns left(east).  This will be the first time the Susquehanna River comes into view.
At 464 miles the Susquehanna River is the longest river on the east coast that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Trail signage along the way.
A bench along the river provides a quiet spot to relax and watch the river flow by.
Following the recent heavy rains we have endured, this usual mellow section of river was high and swiftly moving.  Here is a view of the high water along the river's edge.
Enjoyed a nice, leisurely 2.25 mile walk.  Due to the time of year, the trail was muddy in spots, but is flat and easy for anyone looking to get out into nature.

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