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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunrise at Ooms(Chatham)

After finishing an overtime shift at work this morning, I thought I'd swing by Ooms Conservation Area in Chatham to do a quick sunrise walk.  Parked the car and got out as dawn was just breaking. 
 Strolling down towards Sutherland Pond under the pale moon light.
 The sun's first light breaking out over the eastern horizon.
 Heading towards the gazebo with the moon above.
 An abnormally mild February morning with temps in the mid to upper 30's.
 From the gazebo, I really enjoyed the sun's early rays.
 The mild temps are really melting down our recent snow pack.
 Highly changeable skies.
 Sutherland Pond's outlet winding through the woods.
Completed a full circle of the pond on a tranquil winter morning.

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