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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Palmer Preserve

Schodack Area Land Trust(SALT) protects these 57 acres of woodland at the end of Thoroughbred Road, a residential neighborhood in the town of Schodack.
There are two loop trails that run through the woods marked with blue and orange blazes, but also many other unmarked and (yellow?) trails that wander throughout the preserve.
After climbing to the top of a wooded 600 foot hill there is a small stream that wanders along near the trail.
Further along the trail to the west is a branch of the Moordener Kill.
A nice footbridge crosses the Moordener Kill and meets an old road.
A touch of light snow coated everything along the more sheltered banks of the creek.
All of the trails in this preserve are wooded but pleasant walking with very few ups or downs to navigate.
There are a maze of trails throughout the property and even the main blue and orange trails can be confusing.
As I started heading out of the preserve to the car it began to snow.  Starting to feel like January again.

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