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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five Rivers Educational Center

A sunny day with temps hovering around 40 degrees found me out at Five Rivers Education Center in Delmar. This beautiful day was a much needed reprieve from the constant winter weather we've had recently. A perfect day for a snowshoe hike.

Most of the trails are well used and maintained, therefore well broken in and there were many kids with their parents on the trails today due to this week being winter recess.  There are several ponds throughout the 450+ acre property, but all of them are snow covered and frozen over as of today.
Sunfish Pond.
I walked the North Loop Trail which at 2.3 miles, is the longest trail at the center, looping through open meadows and near several ponds.
The trail is by far the most remote of all the trails, providing a sense of solitude.
Open fields and meadows from the north loop trail.
The not so distant Heldeburgs can be seen through the trees.
There are several nice benches for resting and enjoying nature.
I also walked the Vloman Kill trail, which is a much different trail than most of the others here, characterized by eroding banks along the stream and deep evergreen woods.
The frozen over Vloman Kill.
The beautifully maintained Vloman Kill trail is a .75 mile loop around the stream
A nice winter day, but even with temps in the low 40's, winter is still holding its grip on the area.

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