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Monday, February 3, 2014

Short Walk at Schodack Town Park

Haven't really gotten out much the last few days, so tried to take advantage of an hour of free time I had after work today and walked the local trails of Schodack Town Park.  The fresh air felt great even though I walked only about a half mile due to time restraints.  Noticed some new signage in the park indicating colors and mileage.
 The Moordener Kill is basically all frozen over and there are some sizeable ice chunks from freezing and then unfreezing.
 A light dusting of snow coated the ground in the woods.  A snowstorm is forecast to hit the region Wednesday with anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow, so the scene will look much different in the next couple days.
 The red trail wanders through dark evergreens and along the banks of the Moordener Kill.
 The February landscape on an overcast day.
 The new signage looks like it was done by the Schodack Planning Development Association.  Great job!

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