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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gray day at Ooms Conservation Area(Columbia County)

After a winter storm that brought a mixed bag of precipitation the last 24 hours, I thought it'd be nice to get out for some fresh air at Ooms Conservation Area in the rolling hills of Chatham, a quiet area of Columbia County.  There are many different walking options available along the three miles of trails at the 180 acre property.  Bucolic Sutherland Pond makes a nice entrance to the Conservation Area, with abundant wildlife all around, even in winter.
 Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find the beauty all around you, even on a cloudy, gray winter day.
 An inch or so of snow and sleet has melted through the day, as temps rose to the mid 40's.  This left puddles of water, melting ice and lots of mud behind.
 The stark beauty of Ooms trails where snow gives way to brown fields.
 Melting snow on the wide open fields.
 A nearby farm compliments the Conservation Area nicely, with rolling hills in the distance.
 The outlet stream from Sutherland Pond, flowing down through the bare woods.
 The green trail loops back along the north side of the pond, amongst boardwalks and cattails.  Unfortunately this section of trail also hugs Rock City Road very closely, meaning traffic is only several feet away through this area.
Felt good to get out and walk a couple of miles on many of Ooms trails on a muddy and cloudy afternoon. 

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