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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prosser Hollow Trail(Taconics)

Tucked away into the rolling peaks of the Taconic Mountains on the New York/ Vermont border is the Prosser Hollow Trail, which provides access to the Taconic Crest Trail.  The Taconic Crest Trail is a 35 mile north-south trail that follows the Taconic ridge line that roughly hugs the NY/ Vt and NY/ Massachusetts state lines.  The trail can be found at the corner of gravel Lewis Hollow Rd and Prosser Hollow Rd, off Route 22 in rural Petersburgh.
Quiet Prosser Hollow Road crosses over the Little Hoosic River, a tributary of the larger Hoosic River, which was partially frozen today.
 Bright sun and temperatures in the mid 20's made it a perfect day for a winter hike.
A small frozen stream is crossed near the beginning of the hike.
 The only footprints I saw on the trail were animal tracks.
 Looking up to south and east at the nearby ridge line.
 The trail is well marked and easy to follow on a wide woods road.
 Winter woods.
 The trail stays fairly steep much of the way, making for a nice workout.
 The Prosser Hollow Trail climbs nearly 1000 feet in 1.3 miles.
 Looking directly down the steep Prosser Hollow Trail.
 New York State Forest signs are found at the junction of the Prosser Hollow and Taconic Crest Trail.
 Looking south in the shadows on the Taconic Crest Trail.
 Climbing north up out of a saddle on the trail and heading back into the sunshine.
Followed the TCT north for about .15 mile to a small clearing at 2034 feet elevation.
 An incredible vista over Pownal, Vermont to the east awaits you at the clearing.
Farmland in the Pownal valley and the distant Green Mountains in Vermont.
  Beautiful panorama.
 A great place to linger and enjoy the amazing views.  The very lower eastern slopes of Bald Mountain can be seen to the south.
 Late afternoon sun on the snow packed woods.
 Directly across from the eastern overlook is a smaller, but substantial view to the west.  A much different view, but incredibly beautiful.
  Hiking back down the Prosser Hollow Trail in fleeting sunlight.
 The lengthening days mean sunsets getting closer to 5pm everyday.
 The final leg of the hike.  A wonderful hike to an unknown gem.  Total mileage 2.9 RT.
 As I drove home on the back roads of Rensselaer County, I was privileged to see a phenomenal winter sunset.

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