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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Olana(Hudson Valley)

Kalli and I got out for a short hike at Olana State Historic Site in Hudson today in an attempt to fight off cabin fever that has been setting in recently.  Olana is the home, studio and designed landscape of 19th century Hudson River School painter Frederic Church.
The view south from the main house over the Hudson River Valley is unparalleled.
 Directly to the west is an amazing view over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge connecting the city of Hudson with the city of Catskill.
 Each detail of the mansion was carefully thought out and creatively planned for by Church.
 The porch at the mansion makes a great place to absorb the history and ambiance of Olana.
 A view of the south facade.
Olana features a mixture of Victorian structural and Middle-Eastern decorative elements.
 There are plenty of opportunities to sit and relax throughout the property. 
 The main house as seen near the parking lot.
Ridge Road, built in the 1880's makes for a peaceful walk, with incredible views to the east.
 Following snowy and cold Ridge Road.
 This bench makes a perfect spot to take in the view of the Hudson and Catskills.
What an incredible panorama!
 A great spot along Ridge Road for a picnic.  Just not in the winter.
 The view up of the mansion from Ridge Road.

Frosty came to visit.
  Bright morning skies were quickly being replaced by clouds filling in from the west in front of a major winter storm tonight.
Felt good to get out walking on a cold first day of February.  Kalli was really enjoying playing in the snow on our short 1.5 mile walk.

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