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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Abandoned D & H Railroad Bridge over the Hudson River(Adirondacks)

Drove up to the Adirondacks looking for a place that would provide nice views but a sense of solitude on a busy summer weekend.  There is a hidden gem off of Northwoods Club Road in Minerva, where the old Delaware and Hudson Railroad tracks run along the Boreas River, eventually meeting up with and crossing the larger Hudson River.  I parked near the tracks and began the peaceful walk.
 Old stone marker along the tracks.
The sounds of the Boreas River's rushing water can be heard just yards away much of the time.  There are many different opportunities to climb down through the woods to the riverside if you so choose.
 After about 1.6 miles of track walking, you will arrive at the large bridge crossing the Hudson.  There was another couple out enjoying the day as I arrived today.
 Looking back at the clearing skies to the north.
The bridge provides incredible views both upstream and downstream on the Hudson.  Here is a great view to the west upstream.
 A look downstream with much more white water and rapids.
 The clouds came and went every minute or so, dramatically changing the views.
 What would a summer weekend in the "Dacks be without whitewater rafters?  Lots of them.
 Just before the bridge, a small path drops off into the woods and follows the Hudson's shore for a short distance to its confluence with the Boreas River.  I followed this path and it provided a pleasant view back upstream towards the railroad bridge I was just on.
Where the Boreas River flows into the Hudson. 
 Back upstream to the north where the Boreas River winds along.  There were several nice fire pits in the woods between the rivers.
 I seemed to be real popular with the rafters who were all waving and pointing.
 Another view of the railroad bridge.
 Upstream on the Hudson River with rafters coming by.
 Looking downstream.
After exploring the woods along both rivers for a bit, I returned back along the tracks to the car.  Total mileage altogether 3.5 miles RT.
Once back to the car, I drove the rest of the way along Northwoods Club Road until its end at Huntley Pond, where there are numerous camping spots along the shoreline.  Walked along the water's edge for a bit and found a quiet picnic table with a fire pit.  This made the perfect spot to relax and eat my lunch while listening to the cries of a nearby loon.  So tranquil.

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