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Monday, January 23, 2017

Keep Conservation Preserve(Germantown)

Visited the 143 acre Keep Conservation Preserve in southern Columbia County late Monday afternoon with the puppy.  I was anxious to get out, because I had been laid up the past several days with a pretty bad head cold...and Bella is always anxious to get out.  We parked in the muddy parking area(which is really just a small clearing in a field), and were lucky not to get stuck. The parking area can be found on the north side of County Route 8, 1.7 miles east of the 9G intersection in Germantown.  Trails begin straight ahead just beyond a kiosk with trail map.
Crossing a small creek.
 Unfortunately, this would be a very wet and muddy walk.  Here's a glimpse of what much of the trails looked like.
 The trails west and north are a bit higher and more woodsy, meaning they were quite a bit drier and made for much more enjoyable walking.
 Bella was enjoying getting in touch with nature.
 We wandered the many trails throughout the preserve, which are all pretty well marked.  If you do plan to visit, please be aware that there a couple of trails that dead end, including the Creek Trail.
 The calm before the storm.  The somber January woods, just prior to a major winter storm moving in this evening.
 This preserve is very popular with bird watchers and there are several benches placed throughout which afford relaxing opportunities to get in touch with the surroundings.
Dark clouds rolling in ahead of our Noreaster.  Something about this white birch standing alone in the gloomy winter setting made me pause.
Much of this preserve passes through open fields, which means that it is usually quite windy and cold.  On the other hand, summer walking would mean there isn't a lot of shade on the hot, humid days. We hiked about 2 miles RT and both arrived back at the car, covered in mud. 

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