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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mount Severence and Goodnow Mountain(Adirondacks)

Woke up at the Maple Leaf Motel in Schroon Lake at sunrise and immediately headed down the road to the Mount Severence trailhead just off Route 9.  The trail first goes under under the interstate through two pedestrian tunnels and then enters into the woods of HoffmanWilderness.

A lot of care has been given to the trail by the DEC.  A handrail along a steep, rockier section.
Your feet will stay dry with several footbridges over the stream crossings.
 After 1.2 miles of steep climbing, I came to a rock clearing with beautiful early morning views over Schroon Lake.

 Hills to the southeast of Schroon Lake.
 Breathtaking views.
 A little further down the trail is a small clearing, affording views to the east along route 74 and over Paradox Lake.

The hike is only 2.4 miles RT, and although steep, its length and proximity to the highway lend itself to being a very popular trail.
It was still very early in the day, so I headed west along Route 28N to Newcomb for a 3.8 mile RT hike up Goodnow Mountain with fine views to the high peaks from its firetower.  As I drove into Newcomb, the scene became more wintery with snow visible along the road and especially on the higher mountain tops to the north.
 There are many wooden walkways along the trails through soggier areas.
 An interesting tree formation growing literally around a boulder.
 As the trail ascended, the snow got deeper.
 The foundation of an the original firetower on the mountain, covered in snow.
 Shortly after the old firetower's location, the trail enters a dense evergreen forest.
 A partial clearing from a shoulder of the mountain affords views to the south.
 After 1.9 miles of climbing, you reach the firetower.
The views from the summit are limited due to tree growth, but after a short climb up the firetower, the views are endless.  The High Peaks to the north are clearly visible beyond Rich Lake.
Southwestern views.
The old ranger cabin, far below the firetower.
The snow capped High Peaks.
Mount Marcy, the highest peak in the state.
Rich Lake at the foot of Goodnow Mountain.
An unnamed peak right next to Goodnow to the west.

My hiking boots were pretty damp after completing the 3.8 mile RT through the couple of inches of snow.

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