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Monday, November 4, 2013

Brand New Mud Pond Preserve

The official ribbon cutting for the opening of the Mud Pond Preserve in Nassau was today, allowing public access to the newly opened trails.  The preserve is a nearly 100 acre area, bordering the Nassau Transfer Station off of Central Nassau Road.  It contains a unique, complex ecosystem center around Mud Pond.  The nearly six acre pond is known as a rare acidic bog lake, surrounded by nearly 700 acres of forest and is home to rare flora and fauna.  It is chance for the town to finally show off some of its rugged beauty.  From the parking lot, to the kiosk, to the footbridge, to the trails, the town did a phenomenal job.  Many thanks to the long hours and hard work put in by David Fleming, Fred McCagg, Lani Richards and the many volunteers who made this all possible.
The beautiful kiosk at the trailhead built by Town Highway Superintendent Fred McCagg.

 A footbridge also built by Mr. McCagg, in dedication to his late daughter.
 The preserve features nearly 1.5 miles of trails, all very well marked, with a loop and overlook area.
 A road around the transfer station doubles as a trail along the edge of the woods.
 Old stone walls and abandoned cars can be seen deep in the woods along the trails, serving as a reminder of our past.
 The end of the trail, featuring a overlook of Mud Pond.
 Yellow diamond trail markers can be found throughout the preserve, making it nearly impossible to lose your way.
 Along the loop trail, the water from the swampy area near Mud Pond creeps awfully close to the trail.
 A tremendous amount of care and detail was put into the trails.  Stones laid out along one section.
 Wood chips were placed all along the trail entrance, making for very comfortable footing.
It is a great opportunity to get out and take a walk in the woods.  The town has plans on expanding the trails in the future so more opportunities await.  A great job done by the town of Nassau and a great step forward for our community.

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