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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adirondacks/ Hewitt Eddy/ Pilot Knob

Every year in November at about this time my dad heads north to the Adirondacks for several weeks for trapping season.   I usually come up and spend some quality time with him for at least a few days so Thursday I drove up early in the morning to meet him.  Unfortunately we were battling a stormy morning with off an on heavy rains.  We go deep in the woods of such towns as Minerva, Newcomb and North Hudson.  Remote and beautiful areas, we find that the woods here are ours alone on many occasions. We have to go deep into the woods, through marshes, and across streams to get to some of his areas.
Falls at Deer Creek in Minerva.
 Crossing Deer Creek.

 Crossing Stony Brook.
 Crossing Bullhead Pond Brook.
 Following the abandoned rail line.
 Thank god for good boots.  We find our way through thick marsh such as this.
 Falls on Stony Brook.
 Unnamed brook near Vanderwhacker Mountain.
I found time for hiking as well in the time I was up north.  A spot I was interested in exploring was Hewitt Eddy in Minerva which is a 2 mile trail through spruce forest and along the banks of the Stony Brook and Boreas River.  The area has a very rugged, wild feel to it, even though you are only a mile or so away from the highway. A very light snow whitened some of the grassy areas along the trail adding a nice touch.  This was a very early morning hike, so the air was very cool.

 Stony Brook.
 Boreas River.
 Open area below the rapids of the Boreas.

 Hewitt Eddy.
 Soft snow falling over still water.

 Snow on the trail was just enough to make it slick in spots.
 Route 28N bridge from the trail.
 Snow on the tracks a bit further up the road towards Newcomb.
Friday afternoon I headed down to the Lake George area and did a short hike up Pilot Knob to a beautiful spot with views of the entire southern Lake George basin. 
There is ample parking at the trailhead.
 The woods have a much different feel to them down in this area.  Much less spruce and old growth forest.
 After about .7 miles you come to a clearing with a gazebo with commanding views.
 Developed Cleverdale strip with Ripley Point , Long Island and Rockhurst with Sheldon Point in the foreground.
 Houses along Cleverdale.
 Assembly Point with Speaker Heck Island.
 Views north towards Dome Island and the southern Adirondack mountains.

 Echo Bay.
 Waterfront property.
Anyone in the Lake George area should put this hike high on their priority list.  Views are outstanding and the hike, while steep in spots, in relatively short at only 1.4 RT.

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