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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Capital Hills Golf Course(Albany)

Another beautiful winter day allowed Kalli and I to get out for a couple of hours after work today to enjoy the day.   We walked the paved paths which meander through Capital Hills Golf Course, located in a residential section of Albany.
 We saw countless other people out enjoying the fantastic weather, most with dogs.
 The trails are all paved with minimal ascent, making for easy, pleasant walking.
 The trails wind throughout the golf course, with many trail options available.
 Unseasonably warm temperatures in the low 50's made for a perfect afternoon stroll.
 A bird's nest we discovered along the Normanskill.
 A serene pond, located near one of the greens.
 Setting sun.
 A nice silhouette at the top of the hill.
 Evening beginning to descend on another early sunset.
 Hiked a total of exactly 3 miles.
 We were lucky enough to spot this beautiful sunset over the Albany skyline on the way home.

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