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Friday, December 19, 2014

Peebles Island State Park(Capital District)

One of my favorite local places to walk is Peebles Island State Park, located where the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers converge, with its rich history and stunning views.  It is often overlooked and makes a wonderful Capital Region attraction for visitors or residents alike.  The one lane bridge that brings you onto Peebles Island from Van Schaick Island.
 The historic former Cluett Peabody & Company bleaching Factory is located by the parking lot.
Looking across the Hudson River towards Lansingburgh's boat launch and Bald Mountain(Mount Rafinesque) beyond, with television towers.
 Bridging Waterford in Saratoga County on the left with Lansinburgh in Rensselaer County on the right.
 Perched high on top of a bluff overlooking the Mohawk towards Waterford's Visitor Center.
 All of the trails are mostly level and make for easy walking.
 Much of the trails follow the steep bluffs above the river.
 Industrial buildings across the river in Waterford.
 Every time I visit here, I photograph this tree, with its twisted, exposed roots keeping it from falling.
 A tremendous vantage point directly above the dam and its falls.  Notice the skies trying to clear for the first time in many days.
 A glimpse between islands at more industry and businesses in Waterford.
 A fantastic panorama with Second Island, Goat Island and Bock Island clearly visible.
 Looking up the shoreline of Peebles Island.
 Notice the extremely steep bluffs carved out by the Mohawk River.
 Bitter winds kept it cool on the mostly frozen dirt trails.
 A nice view from a clearing towards Cohoes.
The historic Harmony Mills building(the largest cotton mill complex in the world when it opened in 1872) beyond the dam and traffic over the Route 32 bridge.
 Looking out over the Mohawk towards a residential area of Van Schaick Island.
 Ontario Street traffic crossing the bridge over one of the branches of the Mohawk.
 Powerful current and cold waters.
 Fast flowing cascades.
 Beautiful Buttermilk Falls and rapids.
 Another look at the falls.  The powerful sounds of rushing water downstream is really something to behold.
 Another section of trail along the steep cliffs.
 The wildlife is another reason to visit Peebles Island.  There is a thriving deer population that can be easily seen along many of the trails.  They are usually not easily spooked either, and will allow you to get close before running off.
 A young deer only a few yards away.
While certainly not a difficult hike, this historic walk is a treasure and makes a great place to get out and stretch your legs and enjoy nature in an urban setting.

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