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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kinderhook Creek Nature Preserve(East Nassau)

While out and about with my dad this afternoon, we stumbled across a brand new nature preserve basically in the middle of nowhere, near my father's house in rural East Nassau.  The new 55 acre Kinderhook Creek Nature Preserve came to be through land donations from two local families in both 2013 and 2014 along quiet, gravel Martha Hicks Road.  Rensselaer Land Trust recently completed a parking lot and signage marking the trail head.
 A nice kiosk with Preserve information compliments the land and is found at the parking lot.
 There are currently three marked trails that run through the preserve following mainly old roads and trails created by land owner David Gaskell.
 We followed the white trail past old stone walls and deep into the woods when we came across a porcupine.
The porcupine didn't want anything to do with us and climbed higher and higher up a tree.
 While no formal trails currently lead all the way down to the creek, we bushwhacked through the woods in a general east direction until the sounds of rushing water lead us down steep hillsides to the shoreline.
 Very steep, hemlock covered slopes rise above informal foot paths near the water.
 We basically followed the west edge of the Kinderhook Creek in a northerly direction for a distance.  This area seems very isolated and provides a nice feeling of solitude.
 A small fire pit we found by the water's edge.
 The Kinderhook alternates between fast running white water and still, calm sections.
My dad checking out a bend in the creek.
 Conditions were ideal for being outdoors with bright blue skies and low humidity.
 We bushwhacked our way back through the woods and arrived at a red marked trail, which met up with the white trail on its way back to the truck.  Many of the trails make for pleasant walking on wide, easy to follow woods roads(as seen below).
 Existing trails at the Preserve are clearly marked with white, red, and yellow Rensselaer Land Trust discs.
 We had a great time exploring the woods along the beautiful Kinderhook Creek for about 2 miles RT.  After leaving the Preserve, we headed a few miles north to fish Burden Lake.  It was just way too nice out to not take advantage of the weather.  Didn't have much luck fishing from the shore but enjoyed relaxing near the beautiful lake's edge.

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