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Friday, June 19, 2015

South Glens Falls Historical Park(Betar Byway & Feeder Canal)

Visited the South Glens Falls Historical Park along the shores of the Hudson River near the City of Glens Falls and Village of South Glens Falls line.  The Park has plenty to offer, with picnic areas, a gazebo, Hudson River views, restrooms, a museum and trail access to the Betar Byway as well as historic Cooper's Cave.
 I initially followed signage that leads towards Cooper's Cave, which is found from a viewing platform on the Hudson River, beneath the Route 9 bridge.  Here is the view just downstream from a sizable waterfall, amongst industrialization.
 Historically famous Cooper's Cave can be seen below the viewing platform.  This spot was made famous by James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans.  It was a focal point of the book and became quite a tourist attraction.
After wandering around reading the informative signs along the way, I left Cooper's Cave and walked back up the road to the Betar Byway near where I parked the car.  The Betar Byway is a paved path that closely follows the Hudson River and is enjoyed by walkers, joggers, bikers and roller-bladers.
 The lawns between the path and the river are well cared for and can be explored as well.
 There are many historic sites along this trail and there is ample informative signage along the way. Here are the remains of the foundation from the South Glens Falls Water Plant, which was here from 1895-1920.
 Just past the former water plant is a viewing deck with tremendous river views.
  Continuing on the trail, I came across this view downstream where there is a split in the river.  Notice the Glens Falls cityscape in the background.
 The next stop was the site of the South Glens Falls Water Plant that replaced the one we had just passed. 
A large pool of water by the former Water Plant.
 There are endless views of the Hudson River along the trail.  It is a very tranquil stretch of water, especially on a weekday afternoon.
 Looking back downstream at a bend in the river.
 After finishing the Betar Byway, you can relax at the Public Beach and Boat Launch.  There are plenty of picnic tables and river access here.  Unfortunately the public beach was closed and the gates were closed.
Here is a quiet spot along the shoreline near the boat launch.
 Returning on the Byway, I saw this perfect bench for soaking in the river views.
 After arriving back at the car, having completed the 1.5 mile walk, I crossed over the river to the Glens Falls side to explore a section of the Feeder Canal.  The Glens Falls Feeder Canal was completed in 1824 and is a 7 mile long canal that delivers water from the Hudson River to the Champlain Canal.  Today, the canal is popular with kayakers and walkers.
I parked at the Murray Street access and began by walking north towards the dam, where there are nice views of the cityscape and Route 9 Bridge.
 Walking along the level Feeder Canal Trail, I was now on the exact opposite shore of the Betar Byway.  Notice the lawns on the far shores.
 The Hudson River on the left and the Feeder Canal on the right.
 A typical stretch of the Feeder Canal.
 Nearing the Feeder Canal's ending point at Richardson Street under picture perfect conditions.
 Water crashing over the Feeder Dam with the Powerplant on the opposite shore.
The area near Richardson Street is by far my favorite section of this trail.  The walk is shaded and benches provide pleasant resting spots along the canal.
  There are countless small foot paths that lead down to the river, providing plenty of access for all to enjoy.  This part of the river seems to have a wild feel, even though you are only a few yards off the trail.
 After crossing a beautiful footbridge over the water you have arrived at the end of the Feeder Canal.  There were many people out enjoying the gorgeous weather, as well as kids splashing around swimming in the water.
Walked just under 5 miles total on easy, level trails today.  Really enjoyed the history and water views all along the way.

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