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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Galway Nature Preserve & Neilmann Parcel(Wilton Wildlife Preserve)

Went out to explore some local preserves in rural Saratoga County this afternoon after work.  Finally had a dry day, with low humidity and comfortable temps to get out into the woods.  My first stop was the Galway Nature Preserve located at the intersection of Crane Road and McConchie Road in the quiet country town of Galway.
 Just past a kiosk is this perfect picnic spot with wildflowers and a stoic old tree under blue skies.
 There are a little over two and a half miles of trails on these 49 acres of protected land.
 A babbling stream flowing through the woods.
 Paused to enjoy this quiet spot along a serene pond along the blue trail.
 Reflections in this shallow pond.
 Near the center of the Preserve is an Historic Cabin and stone fireplace.
 A large picturesque beaver meadow a short distance onto the white trail.
The view of the beaver meadow's outlet from atop the foot bridge.  Eventually this stream meets up with the Mourning Kill a few miles away.
Wide open fields and farm country are located just a few yards away from the western edge of the property along the yellow trail.
 Daylilies are in bloom throughout these woods.

Walked about 2 miles RT at the Galway Nature Preserve before heading north and east to Wilton and the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.  There are several different parcels all located just east off of Exit 16 of the Northway.  I visited the 145 acre Neilmann Parcel located on the west side of Ruggles Road.
 The entrance to the parcel follows a wooden ramp into the woods, where nearly 2 miles of trails meander about.
 Many small pines populate these woods
 Trails are level and very easy to follow.
 There are several vernal ponds throughout the woods and puncheons cross through wetlands.  Miller Swamp encompasses part of the western part of the Preserve as well.
Walked a very pleasant 1.8 miles for a total of 3.8 easy miles for the day.

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